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Northern Indiana’s Premier Hearing Health Care Practice

We offer hearing consultations and screenings in our 4 convenient locations.

The Times Best of Northern Indiana

Offering You And Your Family Premium Hearing Care!

Ascent Hearing Center offers a full range of services, including hearing loss prevention, diagnostic care, hearing aids, counseling, and follow-up care. All services are personalized to your individual needs.


Hearing loss can be caused by many different factors. A proper hearing test is the first step in determining the source of a loss. A hearing test involves listening to a range of sounds, from soft whispers to loud tones, across various frequencies. Test results are used to help determine treatment designed just for you.

Hearing Test and hearing evaluation


A comprehensive assessment of the auditory function, a hearing evaluation includes various tests such as audiometry, tympanometry, and speech testing to assess hearing sensitivity, speech understanding, and ear health. Results help diagnosing hearing impairments, treatment plans, and help determine the need for hearing amplification.

Audiologist checks patients ear


This steps includes taking a close look at the results of your hearing test and evaluation.

It includes a thorough assessment of hearing needs, lifestyle considerations, and preferences. The consultation aims to educate the individual about hearing aid options and determine the best fit for improved hearing.

Hearing Aid Consultation


Video otoscopy involves using a tiny camera to examine the ear canal and eardrum. It provides a detailed real-time view, aiding in the diagnosis of ear conditions such as infections, wax buildup, or abnormalities. Video otoscopy helps guide appropriate treatment interventions.

Patient video otoscopy exam

(Ringing in the ears)

Tinnitus or ringing in the ears, is the sensation of hearing ringing, buzzing, chirping, whistling or other sounds. It can be intermittent or constant, and can vary in loudness.  We offer tinnitus management solutions and counseling.

Tinnitus ringing in the ear


Research suggests a significant correlation between untreated hearing loss and cognitive decline. Addressing hearing loss early could potentially mitigate cognitive decline and enhance overall brain health.

Hearing loss and cognitive function support


Custom-made ear molds for hearing aids, Audio Players, and earbuds offer superior comfort, optimal fit, and enhanced sound quality, reducing feedback and improving retention for better hearing performance.

Looking for custom hearing protection? We offer those too. 

Custom fit ear molds and hearing protection
Hearing Aid Broken needs repair


We repair and service all brands, models, and a variety of hearing aids. Whether you purchased your device from us or not; no matter its condition or age, and we can fix most broken hearing aids right in our office.


Accessories enhance user experience and connectivity. Bluetooth technology enables seamless pairing with smartphones, allowing for hands-free calls and streaming of music or audio. Remote control apps provide personalized adjustments.

StarLink Remote 2.0_FL23_P006104_Black_Yellowstone_3-4 View No Lanyard_On

Insurance Policy

Nearly all major insurance plans accepted

We offer a COMPLIMENTARY insurance benefits check.

We will help verify your benefits in advance to minimize your out-of-pocket costs.

We will also help you get the maximum benefits allowable by your plan.

If you're a new patient, we recommend downloading and completing our 

New Patient Form below to reduce time spent doing so at your appointment. 

Our Recommended Hearing Aid Manufacturers

We service all hearing aid brands. 
Hearing Aid Brands Starkey Signia Phonak Rexton
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